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Studio di Architettura Marco Castelletti - Casa del Masso

Studio di Architettura Marco CastellettiCasa del Masso
Razionalismo Comasco - A near vertical site in Como, with stunning views, let Marco Castelletti nod to local Italian architecture of the thirties, whilst bringing his clients a modernist house, proportioned and segmented with precision.
"At the end of 2002 the clients approached us to design the house.
They wanted to build this new house next to their one, in the garden facing the lake, and they were after something typically razionalismo comasco, architecture of the thirties driven by architect Giuseppe Terragni. So they chose the project that best met their expectations, ours. The project's main idea gave the name to the building: casa del masso." Marco Castelletti.
The house, set on a steep slope above the street, can be clearly seen across the lake.
The building stands by the side of the client's old house designed by engineer Luciano Trolli in 1955, and it takes advantage of a little tract of flat…