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Arkhefield - Couran Point House

ArkhefieldCouran PointIsland retreat - The team at Arkhefield bring us one of their latest residential wonders in form of a simple, low maintenance, sustainable living volume which can be enjoyed all year round. The motives behind the design - maximising space and privacy - are attacked head on, as are the isolation and harsh climatic conditions on the island with basic low maintenance materials. The resulting simplistic structure, appears as a coastal tree, with its roof-line shaped by the strong winds and elements. Elements from which it can hunker down further, shelter, isolate and reorientate the use of external spaces.

The house offers a stark contrast to the predominant low shacks by the way that it expresses and celebrates volume, simplicity of form and its ability to manage/manipulate the external environment. The house appears to be inspirational amongst the community with many new houses currently under construction on the island being designed and sited in a similar…

Shubin + Donaldson Architects - Urban Spa

Shubin + Donaldson ArchitectsUrban SpaUrban Spa - Shubin + Donaldson Architects have remodelled this house to soak up its Malibu shore front location. Sliding doors and windows allow the residence to be open plan or sectioned off at will. The site elements of the highway and beach challenged, and dispatched with charming results.

The initial task was to renovate the original 1976 dwelling into a contemporary urban retreat, whilst adding some structural reinforcement. Bought in 2001 for it's location, the owners, together with the architects, went on to extensively remodel the house into an urban oasis. Concious efforts to negate the road behind and emphasise the beach in front are evident throughout.

The overall concept for this 2,900-square-foot beach-side modern house was to transform it into an urban spa-like retreat. The house is perched along Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway, and features access to the beach at the back. Sheltering the house and providing a hard …

Your Feedback | Modern Residential Design Content

Hello All!
For approaching a year now I've tried to gather details on some of the worlds best Modern Residential Design and Architecture.

I've received informal feedback from many of you, thanks.

So now I want to see what's really interesting you as a reader and try and decide on some new directions for Modern Residential Design.

If you have a second, I'd love it if you could complete the survey below:

And hey, if there's a specific Architect or Residence you'd like to see on the site, let me know in the comments below.

Apologies that I couldn't add an 'other' box to the poll.

Thanks - Nick

David Hertz - Studio EA | McKinley Residence

David Hertz - Studio EA McKinley ResidenceGreen Alchemist's Residential Compound - The McKinley Residence is David Hertz's live in laboratory for modern - environmentally friendly - residential design. Converting common elements into green design, it's feature packed. The house is a true testament to David's commitment to the cause and to top it off forms a homely modern residence, showcasing practical design elements, fine tailored for a young family.

Aimed at "spreading the word", the Studio of Environmental Architecture is David Hertz's latest venture, leading the way in Eco friendly design and sharing what he's learnt both through his residential work and his own house. Many thanks to the team at Studio EA for the details on this house.

Designed as a new house when Venice was till a rough neighbourhood the house presents a relatively strong/protective fa├žade at street level and uses enclosed balconies to extend the upper levels and take fu…