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Herriot + Melhuish Architecture Ltd - Kelburn II House

Herriot + Melhuish Architecture LtdKelburn II House
Modern Suburban Villa - Herriot + Melhuish tucked this two level sanctuary in between established houses in the Wellington surrounds. It's U shaped floorplan forming a sunny courtyard behind their northerly neighbour.

Initially wanting a remodel of the existing villa, the clients' final brief entailed a bedroom and office on ground level along with the living spaces, a further bedroom for visiting family and a library. A north facing courtyard was also a requirement to provide a protected and private entry - and somewhere for summer evenings outdoors.

The challenge of a narrow site and small site area, along with the associated height to boundary restrictions, meant innovative sollutions to sneak two stories in. These created a snug kitchen / dining area downstairs and set back bedroom and library upstairs.

The orientation of the site virtually due north and west, its linear nature, and the need for off street parking…