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Top 10 ish - Modern Residential Design - 1 year old

As Modern residential Design celebrates its belated birthday, I thought I bring you couple of Top 5s whilst preparing for the arrival of my second son.

Top 5 Posts on Modern Residential Design And here's the traffic / commented / linked list of what you guys thought was coolist!

Arthur Casas - House in Iporanga
A true Tropical Jungle residential retreat. Minimalist, contrasting, yet befitting it's location.

Marcio Kogan - Laranjeiras HouseMy ideal beachside mansion, open plan, indoors and outdoors blurred, simple palette and spashes of colour.

Marcio Kogan - Mirindiba HouseAmazing spans that defy gravity, cavity hidden doors, texture, colour and ahhh.

Melling:Morse Architects Ltd - Split BoxHometown favourites from my university days, Melling:Morse are the masters of timber in New Zealand.

Arkhefield - Balaam HouseFlow, privacy, segmentation of rest and action areas, scaled to fit with its neighbours and what links to exterior spaces.

Jonathan Segal - The ProspectFrom the Paladin of…

David Hertz - Studio EA - Floating Residence

David Hertz - Studio EA Floating Residence
Suspended Tetris - David Hertz has produced a number of fantastic residences and the Floating or Binder Residence in Venice, CA is no exception. It's paired back black minimalist play on volumes and floating separated masses intrigues.

The project is located on a small, 37 foot wide lot on a pedestrian only street in Venice, CA. Rather than create one solid object, David followed his residential design signature of two, two story units. The upper levels of the units seeming to float above minimal tilt up concrete walls and pillars of the lower levels. The two upper levels being attached by an open-air bridge. The larger of the structures is used as a residence while the other is used as an art studio and guest room over a garage. The glazed panels, central to the floating effect are also large, sliding doors that conceal themselves so that the ground floor appears to be open to the exterior courtyards, thus blurring the definition…

MacGabhann Architects - Tuath na Mara Residence

MacGabhann ArchitectsTuath na Mara ResidenceArmoured Longboat - Standing vigilant over a northern Fjord in Ireland, the Tuath na Mara Residence, by MacGabhann Architects appears solid as a rock. Zinc clad for resilience, the low slung house blends seamlessly into the heather-covered rocky landscape, its own seams, echoing the strata of surrounding rocks. Contrasting a well hunkered core, the roof line warps and twists upwards like wonderful grey weathered seaweed, revealing the surrounding views to the living areas.

The project's focus around the specifics of the site and putting the personal and particular experiences above the powerful and the public, seeks to create a mood which is meditative instead of tensing or relaxing.

The site is hidden from the public road and is accessed from high ground on the landward side where the first experience is of an elevated view of the site and the sea beyond. Therefore the importance of the roof, or fifth fa├žade, dictated a metal z…