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Steven Holl | Planar House

Steven HollPlanar HouseDesert Tilt Up Wonder - This Steven Holl designed residence in Paradise Valley, AZ, USA, uses raw Concrete and Corten Steel to create a great prefabricated home and art gallery for it's owner.
Designed to house a contemporary art collection, internally, the house sets out to be a blank canvas, not to distract from the works held within.

The street façade blends into the desert greys, with the ageing steel fitting in perfectly.

Flourishes on the exterior are limited to the courtyard from where a ramp leads to a rooftop sculpture garden - a place of silence and reflection.

The rear, with overhands for shading, is the largest expanse of light giving glass. These sliding openings taking in views to the nearby Camelback Mountain.

The house is broken up into three functional areas. The garage and master bedroom, together with the library form the quiet zone at front of the house. To the rear are the dining and kitchen areas, located to soak up the views …

Diarmuid ­Gavin ­Designs ­| ­Chelsea ­Garden ­- ­Oceânico ­Garden

Diarmuid Gavin Designs Oceânico Garden
Changing Residential Design for Landscape Design - Stepping away from houses, I thought I'd cover the big news this week in London, the Chelsea Garden show.
The show, as well as showcasing the latest in gardening, showcases some fantastic Landscape gardening. A stand out in my mind, was the Diarmuid Gavin Designs | Oceânico Garden Not really one for knowing about flowers, or gardening, I was at first interested in the reference to the 1940's chairs, which to me, actually look more like Harry Bertoia style chairs from 1952.

What got me next was the fantastic crate like design of the garden shed.

Three of the four walls fold down on hot days, or fold up in increments for wind or winter use, with the top 300 mm folding out to form some shade protection, or ventilation, when the other walls are closed.

I think it's a great solution for outdoor entertaining!
It's kind of a miniature Crosson Clarke Carnachan Architects | Coromandel Hous…

Alvaro Ramírez y Clarisa Elton | House in Buchupureo

Alvaro Ramírez y Clarisa EltonHouse in BuchupureoCliffhanger - Alvaro Ramírez and Clarisa Elton - are the authors of their own weekend retreat on the central Chile coastline. Great residential design, propped on stilts, with minimal environmental impact.
{Reworked article from Plataforma Arqutectura Author:David Basulto [tricky]}

This great house is located on a remote coastal trail in central-south Chile, in Buchupureo, VIII región del Bío-Bío. When I lived in Concepción, the capital of the region, we'd surf here. The waves were fantastic, rolling into all the bays around this area. Getting there was difficult and the water was freezing (pushed up from the Antarctic), but the untouched waves, scenery and beaches were, and are still, amazing!

The project was developed in dialogue with its environment, both through the materials used for creating the volumes, as well as how these are implemented and placed on the site.

The house is supported on a steep slope through piles, which lesse…

F3 Arquitectos | House in Rupanco

F3 Arquitectos House in RupancoWooden Wonder - F3 Arquitectos - renowned for their timber architecture in Chile, have created this wonderful prefab retreat in 75 days! I question what more could be required of a modernistic cabin?
Many thanks to Plataforma Arquitectura for bringing us this fantastic residence in Southern Chile.

Translation / reword of original article by Carlos J Vial
Located in a remote area of Lake Rupanco, the commission responds to the request of a "summer house" or retreat, of sporadic use. Due to its complex, ever changing climate and geographical location, the plot made on site slow construction impossible.

The project consists of a single volume, with the layout distributed linearly, parallel to the lake views and shore. The site drops down a field to the shore below and northern sun.

A solid timber rear façade with a singular overlapped entrance, to the house, provides the necessary private secure barrier to the public road, becoming the main structural…