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Nabil Gholam Architecture & Planning - F House

Nabil Gholam Architecture & PlanningF House
High up on Mount Lebanon, away from the hustle and bustle of Beirut, is the F House in Dahr el Sawan. A Mediterranean masterpiece by Nabil Gholam Architecture & Planning.
[Article by Ayssar Arida]

The brief
A high profile young couple with 2 children, the clients organized a competition for a new family residence to live and entertain in as their home in Lebanon. The general program consisted of 5 en-suite bedrooms for family and guests, generous indoors and outdoors living, dining, and recreation areas to complement the couple's social lifestyle, plus the usual amenities. The brief was much less straightforward: while the aim was to have a modern Mediterranean house (“not organic, not monolithic”), the couple brought two very different stylistic expectations into it. He grew up in a family that had been living in modern architecture (including houses by Mallet-Stevens and Niemeyer) since the 1960s, in Lebanon, Europe and the USA, a…

KLM Arquitectos - Casa BR

KLM ArquitectosCasa BRBreaking up a large house into smaller volumes to fit with the location was the challenge KLM Arquitectos took up in a new waterside development in the north of Buenos Aires province.

The house is located in a neighbourhood in the north of Buenos Aires.
Build on the shore of a Lake and the only double lot in the neighbourhood meant the house already had more presence than the rest. The strategy behind the design was to create a unified collection of separate volumes to give the appearance of multiple units rather than a massed whole from the curb side. Minimising the six hundred square metres of the house and fitting with the scale of the surrounding houses was the mammoth task.

Yet in doing so they also looked to achieve a degree of intimacy and isolation from the surrounding architecture, their intention was to create a micro-climate within the C shaped design of the house. The project has as much emphasis on controlling both the views from the rear of the house…

Cazu Zegers - Casa Do

Cazu ZegersCasa Do
"A house hugged between two curved walls, protecting the inhabitants. Engrossed with the magnitude of the Pacific Ocean and the deep vastness of Chile's the Northern coastline." Cazu Zegers has summed up his Chilean Bach well! Photos by: Carlos Eguiguren

The brief for the project was to design a house that would be a resting place during weekends, holidays, etc. in a condominium with a wide variety of house designs. The architecture of the house is base on creating a shell, a protective womb before the vastness of the sea, allowing inhabitants to contemplate in the warmth of its interior. To this affect, two circles clasp the rectangular floors of the house, cupping them on the Northern and Southern edges.

Gaps in the East and West of the circle let in the views and sun. Light wells are created in the eyelid shaped gaps between the curved walls and the square floors, illuminating the darker areas of the house. On the same axis, the house is split into pr…