6 September 2007

Erginoglu & Calislar Architects - House ’Ö’

Erginoglu & Calislar Architects
House ’Ö’

World Architecture News have a great post on a Turkish house that caught my eye this week.

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This house has a great layout, the kitchen is open plan on the ground floor and the bedroom is upstairs. The Toilets, up and down are housed in one block separated by a glass surrounded stairwell from the kitchen and bedroom respectively. The living room and fireplace are at the far end on a mid level, giving the feeling of a cozy elevated nook. All overlooking the pool that separates the house from the surrounding views. I love the use of raw local rocks, capped with white concrete. More interior shots can be found after the jump, showing the opening wall in the bedroom that overlooks the kitchen.

From their site:
House ’Ö’ is located in one of Bodrum’s popular holiday districts, Yalıkavak. The design aims to offer a modern life style approach whilst remaining in keeping with the geography and the scenery of the area. Great importance has been placed on minimising any changes in the topography of the land. And this is borne out through the sitting of the swimming pool between the house and the garden. The building consists of three stone units connected by two clear units. Vision is enhanced through the use of clear glass connectors between units. The interconnectivity and use of light permits the feeling of a single, spacious living area. No separating walls are used within the living space. Instead, using intelligent interior design and appropriate furniture, distinct living areas are created within an open ‘whole’.

Via: worldarchitecturenews


Blackbird said...

Stunning. The stone walls are just gorgeous.

BTW, Discovered your blog now (through Arkinetia's blog) and it's wonderful! I love residential architecture and am ecstatic to find someone posting all about it.

NickAllen said...

Thanks Blackbird,

I appreciate the feedback.

Have since added some additional images showing the layout of the house.

I hope to keep bringing new residential design to everyone, and get more global if possible.

Let me know if you can think/link of any great Greek modern residential architects.

Thanks again, Nick

Blackbird said...

Unfortunately I personally think quality modern residential architecture is somewhat lacking in Greece (or it's just really hard to find) but I've got these 2 links so far.

There are a couple of gorgeous homes here and it's interesting to look through the different styles.

Vardas Studio
Basically the only portfolio I've got bookmarked at the moment. Whether the architects are great are not is up to you!

NickAllen said...


Thanks Blackbird,

They're really cool. I'll see if I can find some more to upload.

A couple of other blogs showing somre really nice houses are materialicio.us and Future House Now