4 December 2007

Offbeat Homes - Competition

Offbeat Homes

December Contest

I realise this one's a little off-beat, and not my usual house update but.......

Offbeat Homes have a fantastic collection of quirky residences! Also they are running a great contest at the moment and to be honest, I'd love to have Dwell magazine for a year! It's really hard to get a hold of anything like Arquitetura Construcao, Homes NZ, Homes, or Haeuser, here in the UK. The nearest we have is Grand Designs which is about 80% ads. Head across and read more. Offbeat Homes

This seems like a fantastic way to drive Christmas traffic to a wonderful site.

Not to mention the great prizes.

It's hard to get Dwell over here in the UK, but what the heck. I guess in promoting this, I'm lowering my chances....

via: Offbeat Homes

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Thanks for writing about my contest I'm thinking if you win it won't be an issue to have Dwell sent to the UK -- at least that's how it appears from a Dwell standpoint. It looks like they mail to plenty of countries :) Good luck.