8 December 2009

Murray Cockburn Partnership - Kohara Lodge

Murray Cockburn Partnership

Kohara Lodge

Of middle earth - Murray Cockburn has created a true hideaway. Kohara Lodge, of local schist stone and sedum roof, sits in quiet vigil above the Shotover river. Oh, and it's a holiday let.

Kohara Lodge has been built with environmental considerations in mind. The owners' main aim was to put the land back to the way it was once building had finished hence the design of the property incorporating the natural hillside, and re-planting the grounds with native New Zealand trees.

The architect's vision was to replicate the natural environment as much as possible. To this end natural schist stone from a local quarry was used and this was dry laid as much as possible and dry stacked. Recycled railway timbers have been used on the outside of the property and there is no paint anywhere on the exterior of the house.

The windows at Kohara Lodge all have Comfort glass to prevent glare and reflection, built in UV protection and double glazing for energy efficiency.

The house was designed by architect Murray Cockburn from Queenstown. The main aim of the owners when building was to ensure the land could be put back the way it was once they had finished, for example the grounds are planted with all native trees.

Set into the hillside with a grass covered roof, the house is built of schist stone and natural wood beams. From the all main rooms there are magnificent views over the mighty Shotover River and Coronet Peak.

The spacious open plan living and dining area features a stylish, contemporary fitted kitchen with a large rustic kitchen table, glass splash backs and over size ceiling lights.

An open fire and feature ceiling-height schist stone fireplace create the prefect environment to relax in the colder months, with comfortable leather armchairs and couches. In the summer, large floor to ceiling glass doors can be opened up to the terrace area, which enjoys an outside open fire and provides access to the lap pool.

4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms (2 ensuite), open plan living, dining and kitchen area, lap pool and heated spa.

Project location
Arthurs Point, Queenstown, New Zealand
Murray Cockburn Partnership

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Joel Collins said...

Cool house in a great location. Love the use of stone and the outdoor living space. Too bad about the ugly furniture in the living room.

Andrew said...

A very handsome house. It seems to take influence from the master, Eduardo Souto de Moura. I very much like the contrast between the delicate corner glazing and the heavy stone walls. Nice find.

Conor said...

Hi, I couldn't find a contact form or email address for your website so I'm trying to contact you here...

I'm a regular on your website and thought you and your readers would enjoy seeing this house on Bainbridge Island, WA. The architect/builder did a stunning job of executing modern design - emphasizing framed views, strategic privacy and filtration of light. It's so unique - plus it combines some cool progressive materials, green concepts and a modern layout. You'll see that the setting is pretty incredible, too!

If you are interest in learning more this home and architecture, I can provide any additional pictures you need and answer any questions you have. I think it would make a good feature on your website.

You can view the property at www.bainbridgeislandmodernhome.com



Nick Allen said...


I'd love to feature the http://www.bainbridgeislandmodernhome.com home. Can you email me your contact details, would love some hi res pics and plans. nicholaswallen @ gmail . com

It was BuildLLC right? They've done some great work!


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Paulo Sardinheiro said...

timeless design and perfect fit in to the landscape

Love the high ceilings, but the furniture .... probably came from an old castle

Paulo Sardinheiro

ashley said...

i am absolutely in love with this house... thanks for sharing!

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