15 July 2010

Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects - Villa Mecklin

Summer Camp - Villa Mecklin looks like the perfect weekend retreat. A stylish, minimalist interior being all you need to really detach yourself from work. Underfloor heating is taken to a new level here with a sunken fire pit! Strong south orientation for solar gain and a wood burning stove - winter or summer it's another great escape.

Villa Mecklin is located in the Finnish archipelago. It sits in a small depression in the rocks, its sheltered terrace extending over the summit of the rock. In connection with the shoreline sauna, there is also a stove-heated cabin for guests.

The building materials selected for Villa Mecklin are uncontrived, basic ones suited for the archipelago. All wood surfaces have been left untreated and will turn grey naturally.

The Villa was built in 2008. The floor area of the villa is 70m2 and the sauna is 20m2.

Although angular in lines and form, the cabin's extended outer walls provide the deck with what could be described as a comforting embrace. Doubling functionally as wind breaks and storage, the also no doubt afford some privacy to the owners from passing boats.

With an open plan living, kitchen dining area fronting on to the extended deck, the living area is trebled. Short stilts support the deck and house - flattening the rocky terrain to create a very usable entertaining space.

In contrast, the sleeping areas follow their function arranged at the cooler northern end of the building with minimal glazing, aiding in regulating the winter and summer temperatures.

Gracefully greying, the timber exterior blends into its surroundings. - This will be a holiday home that's enjoyed for many years to come!



Anonymous said...

The second image is amazing, but gives the impression that the house is partially sunken - which would've made a lot of sense in a scadinavian climate. Shame they couldn't take advantage of that. Still very cool though (no pun intended!)

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