7 February 2011

Herbst Architects - Timms Bach

The latest in their series of baches (small holiday retreats) on Great Barrier Island continues to explore the relationship of the building to the natural environment.
Photographer Jackie Meiring.

I've been a fan of Herbst Architects for some years now. Their ability to perfectly nestle a house into its environment and leverage the site's natural assets is amazing. As their bevy of Great Barrier Island houses grows, they have created a new vernacular, of lightweight raw wood and gabions from local stones.



Jason said...

Because of the klimaat in Australia and New Zealand,a bach is a very good design. And an easy way to living in your country,Proficiat.

custom homes floor plans said...

I really love the clean, modern design. I understand the use of wood and blending with the natural environment, but I feel like there may be just a bit too much exposed wood in this house. That said, I still love it!
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