29 April 2008

Davide Macullo | House in Ticino

Davide Macullo

House in Ticino

X marks the spot - Davide Macullo takes full advantage of this stunning foothill plot. Embedding and hiding the services and garage of the residence into the hillside, lets the main living areas sit above and soak up the views.

Located in one of sunniest place in southern Switzerland, the house is characterised by small monolithic volumes following the natural slope of the land and is surrounded by nature. The landscape seems to "flow" through these volumes and become protected courtyards of green. The construction is enhanced by an entrance "cave" surrounded by the green and following slope of the plot. The house continues up the slope in an organic and fluent sequence of spaces, related to each other and stretched out to embrace the surrounding nature. This typology aims at offering an alternative to the "box-shaped" construction on the hills that seem to proliferate the area, building without respect for the environment.

Apart from the concrete foundations required on the sloping site (and perhaps the excavation, which one could argue against, for its ability to hide some of the build), the whole construction has been realised according to sustainable principles and with bio-ecological materials in mind.

Wood and copper are unusual materials when one thinks of high end glamorous construction. In this build, these undervalued materials come to life due to their sustainable features. The wonderful texture of the copper mesh, brings the fa├žade to life.

A double envelope contains and protects the interior spaces. The internal envelope is built with the STEKO® wood-bricks, a constructive technology which adds further structural rigidity and modular uniformity to the renowned sustainable nature of wood. The Steko® system, utilised even in the internal partitions, is fully recyclable and reduces the time spent on site, with a corresponding reduction in noise, dust, site traffic and other environmental nuisances.

The external skin is made of a recyclable copper screen, that protects the wooden internal envelope, further regulating internal temperatures.

With the garage hidden below grade, out under the front lawn, the rest of the house is spread over two levels. The kitchen and services area on one and the main living and sleeping areas at ground level.


Architect: Davide Macullo
Collaborators: Laura Perolini, Michele Alberio & Margherita Pusterla
Completed: 2007
Engineer: Andreotti & Partners - Locarno, Switzerland
Physical engineer: Franco Semini - Lugano, Switzerland
Project manager: Ennio Magetti - Minusio, Switzerland
Structure: Foundations - reinforced concrete; Walls - STEKO® wooden bricks; Cladding - TECU Classic & TECU Net
Photographer: Enrico Cano - Como - Italy

via: Davide Macullo


karina said...

Tim, i am more than happy that I found your blog!
I have other 2 houses that I am obsessed about them.
1- House & Studio at Toro Canyon
Montecito, California- barton myers
2-The house I ve seen in a movie, When an stranger calls.
Id love to get pics of these houses.
do you know the bak studio, they are great and very easy to reach.

Joel Collins said...

I must confess that I don't really like this house. Does it have any windows? Too bad there are no interior photos available, perhaps that would redeem the design a bit for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tim
Great house, I haven't seen it before.
Continuing the aim of pointing some houses I like, there's a project of a small renewal by Max Zolkwer that appeared at A+U.
Also another great project, Loft34 at http://www.n-o-a.net