18 July 2008

Top 10 ish - Modern Residential Design - 1 year old

As Modern residential Design celebrates its belated birthday, I thought I bring you couple of Top 5s whilst preparing for the arrival of my second son.

Top 5 Posts on Modern Residential Design

And here's the traffic / commented / linked list of what you guys thought was coolist!

Arthur Casas - House in Iporanga

A true Tropical Jungle residential retreat. Minimalist, contrasting, yet befitting it's location.

Marcio Kogan - Laranjeiras House

My ideal beachside mansion, open plan, indoors and outdoors blurred, simple palette and spashes of colour.

Marcio Kogan - Mirindiba House

Amazing spans that defy gravity, cavity hidden doors, texture, colour and ahhh.

Melling:Morse Architects Ltd - Split Box

Hometown favourites from my university days, Melling:Morse are the masters of timber in New Zealand.

Arkhefield - Balaam House

Flow, privacy, segmentation of rest and action areas, scaled to fit with its neighbours and what links to exterior spaces.

Jonathan Segal - The Prospect

From the Paladin of affordable Modern Residential Design, I love seeing Jonathan mentoring others to create stylish buildings you can actually live in.

Top 5 Online Architecture Compatriots

Some of the guys that give me drive & motivation to keep hunting out cool modern design.
Many thanks for the links / diggs / stumbles / emails and support guys!!





Plataforma Arquitectura


Arch Daily




Noticias Arquitectura


OK, 6, it was hard to make it so short.

Hope you enjoy - new residences coming soon!

Thanks to all my loyal followers too! New content coming soon I promise!


Justin Anthony said...

Congratulations Nick, on the anniversary AND the new baby!

Nick Allen said...

Thanks Justin!

Yes both are very exciting for me!
My Boy taking the prize though.


Dave said...

Nick, thanks for doing what you do.

The world needs to be inspired by examples of good modern architecture, and I'm sure many thousands of people have visited your blog over the past year and have seen houses that motivate them to build something beautiful somewhere, someday.

Preston said...

Congrats on a good year and here's to another!

na said...

Congratulations Nick... and thank you for your comments..

Alejandro from noticias....