1 June 2011

Modern Architecture - Encampment

I've had a bit a thing for encampment projects recently. The notion of semi-permanent structures and rather than a solid mass, compartmentalising activities and rooms. The technique fitting well with iterative approaches and generation building - taking off or adding on a unit as needed...

Here's a few I love from around the net. Anyone have further recommendations?
AMA House by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates @dezeen

jun igarashi architects: house o @designboom

House in Buzen / Suppose Design Office @archdaily

Tennent + Brown Architects - Turn Point Lodge @nickwallen

Fearon Hay Architects - Sandhills Road House @nickwallen

Herbst Architects - Timms Bach @nickwallen


Anonymous said...

Outstanding blog. Don't see a lot of comments, but please keep posting articles.

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Nick Allen said...

Thanks for the comment and support!

Yes, comments in part as I've been sadly neglecting to post recently :-(

Hopefully things liven up soon.

Thanks for the Graftlabs tip!


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